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Anon Guy is Reborn

February 23, 2009

… Or, The Voice of the Anon Guy

Well … sort of. I’ve recently had some blogging ideas that I don’t want to throw out into my ‘day’ blog, so instead of creating yet another anonymous blog, I’m just reclaiming the one I created years ago.

Not that I have anything fully-formed and coherent to say right now. Maybe a few words about what I want to do here. I want to blog about little, private thoughts that go through my head from time to time and are mostly forgotten later. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to keep that from happening with some of them, and put them up here.

For example, just now I was wondering if I have a very ‘manly’ voice. Being a 24-year-old male with no obvious speech problems, I suppose I have a normal voice. But it varies wildly (I think), mostly depending on how parched and tired I am, or how late in the day it is. Usually I start out at a medium male pitch, but as the day takes its toll, lack of water, food and just talking too much raise the pitch until it sounds higher and softer. But after a good meal and drink, it’s restored to normal, medium pitch.

I can to a certain extent control how high my voice sounds. I can speak in a low, hard tone that sounds like Captain Picard’s ‘Make it so’. But it takes a bit of an effort, and maybe it sounds like it. Usually I prefer to speak in a softer tone with people–don’t want to come across as harsh.

Recently I’ve been trying to speak in a very soft tone. It’s certainly easier, but I would still have avoided it if I could, up until recently. I used to think it sounded too soft, but Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy is having an effect on me. He definitely has a soft voice, but it sounds kind–and yet he can modulate the soft tone to speak very harshly. He’s a good actor for sure. So that had a major part to play in convincing me to soften my own tone.

It’s surprising–even a couple of years ago I would do my damndest to speak in as manly a voice as possible. Of course, I’d have to give in to the effects of exhaustion.

I wonder how many other people’s voices change as much as mine does during the course of a day, even well out of the adolescent years.


Hello world!

October 3, 2006

This is just an anonymous blog I’ve started just to see if I can get away with it. I already have a Blogger blog, but it’s actually pretty boring since I never write about ‘controversial’ stuff like what’s really on my mind.

Well, to start off with, the latest happenings in my life. Life in uni, no less. The housemates and our friendly internet setup guy have decided that all our internet troubles are because of the wireless router. And I’m not sure I disagree. But what they want to do now is take the router back to the shop we bought it from and get it fixed or changed. Problem: I’ve lost the router receipt, or I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it. Ah well, time to get bollocked by my housemates again. (Net’s working OK now.)

Not gonna talk about much else right now. Saving it for later posts, hopefully. Let’s see how this goes.